Imagine a very hot sunny day in the South and a family reunion. For the un-initiated, African American families in the United States are planning and participating in reunions in record numbers. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this event and missed an opportunity to keep connected with love ones I don’t get to see often. Thankfully, I have a great sister who has become the un-appointed, but significantly appreciated, family historian and genealogist. My father and my two uncles were all together in one place, standing side by side. After taking the traditional headshots, my sister’s awareness and camera caught this priceless photo. The shoes. They were all wearing the same brand and style of shoes – Stacy Adams ®.

I am not endorsed by Stacy Adams ® but I have to tell it like it is. I have owned many a pair of Stacy’s over the years and never thought about where my affinity for them came from. Well, now I know. It is the unofficial brand and style of the men in my family. The company has been a leader in the shoe industry since founded in 1875 in Brockton Massachusetts and worn by many throughout the prohibition and the jazz era (per the website). Stacy’s also have a place in urban history. Do you remember Morris Day and The Time band? The Minneapolis funk, R&B and dance band was built by Prince in 1981. One of their hits was The Walk and Morris was very concerned about potentially ‘walking a hole’ in his Stacy Adams ® around Detroit City.

So, what is your style?

Boot, cap toe, lace up or wing tip? Slip on, sandal or flip flop?

Would those around you describe you as playful, conservatively classic or flamboyant?

Style is a personal expression and thus reveals your personality.

An understanding of your style, how you express yourself, your tendencies and inclinations have an impact on relationships as well — especially in the workplace. In the unfortunate event that you experience stress at work, you may become even more of who you really are.

What impact might your style have on your working relationships, interactions and communication among peers or with management?

Pause for a moment on that.



 So, what is your style?