It’s hard for me to have a bad hair day.  

Bald HairdresserThe decision to shave my head occurred many years ago, when I was rushing around in preparation for a much needed beach vacation. Getting a haircut was the third or fourth thing on my To Do list. As I sat waiting for my turn in the chair, I watched the barber working on a customer in front of me. The barber masterfully used a straight razor to give that customer the sharpest, most meticulous clean shave I have ever seen. I was drawn into experiencing this for myself. When my turn came up and was asked, “What can I do for you, sir?” I easily responded, “Shave it all off.” I walked out that barbershop a new man and received immediate positive feedback on my clean shaven head. I had friends and family members who just had to touch my head. The warm smiles of approval made me feel great. It was done. I would shave my head bald from that point on.

If you really want to hear about a lasting client-service relationship, ask a gentleman about his favorite barber. However, if you want to learn about someone who can foster a positive transformative view on life, ask a lady about her chosen hairdresser. After interviewing many ‘clients’ my findings reveal 10, 20, 30+ year relationships, where change of location, drive time or even long distance travel did not matter.

A few verbatim excerpts:

  • “A good hairdresser (haircut, hairstyle) can change your life”
  • “The strength of the relationship grows with time and you reach new levels…”
  • “My doctor and my hairdresser know me in ways…”
  •  “They listen to what I ask for and tell me what they think is best”
  • “…interested in you as a whole person and not as just a head to cut”

 Now, do all hairdressers have great hair themselves?

I didn’t get an overwhelming ‘Yes’ response to this question. If you work on everybody else’s hair, there is a good chance you might not put as much priority on your own. I found this to be true with a lot of service professionals. Building contractors who build decks for others and have loose boards and nail pops on their own decks. Doctors and nurses who put such great attention on others, they could actually benefit from more rest, exercise and losing a little weight. You can see where being an effectiveness consultant could really be a tough thing to live up to day-in and day-out in every area of life.

A good hairdresser may be the ultimate consultant though. Observe, listen, relate, recommend and deliver. Repeating with new understanding for each unique client over time.

Would you consider a bald hairdresser?