Fitbit Logo - Affiliate Program

Self-care includes decisions and actions each one of us takes to stay physically and mentally fit. How much exercise, sleep, rest and the food we eat are all choices we make. The future of self-care, for the technology inclined person, includes wireless-enabled devices that measure all kinds of data. Now, we have the availability to track:

• Number of steps taken
• Number of floors climbed
• Number of calories burned
• Quality of sleep

and much more.

I will be going on a fitbit ™ journey and will blog about it over the next couple of months. In addition, I will introduce the use of this technology to individuals, exercise groups, employee wellness programs and health and wellness communities.

Recently, I became an independent affiliate with fitbit ™ and hope to use whatever tools necessary to get people to embrace activity and to promote exercise.

“What gets measured gets done” or at least I will become aware of my reality.

It is a brave new world. I am going in.

Want to join me?