I just finished reading a powerful article called Sitting is the New Smoking – Even for Runners in Runner’s World, August 2013 by Selene Yeager. Consider buying the magazine if you are a runner – good articles.

There is a sidebar article called Avoid the Chair that presents how harmful prolonged sitting can be to your health. Our lives have really changed and we are more sedentary than ever. It takes intention and action to maintain your health and well-being.

  • Sitting reduces circulation to the brain.
  • Hunching over a desk weakens back muscles and tighten chest muscles.
  • Your leg muscles contain enzymes that keep blood fats under control. If you are sitting too much you are not receiving this benefit.
  • Sitting puts a number of muscles to sleep and makes them stiff.
  • Glutes weaken and disable the stabilization of your pelvis.
  • Hip flexors tighten and shorten, which reduces your ability to drive your knees and produce power.

Avoid the chair…unless you apply Jack LaLanne principles.

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