My Belief:

Holistic Living is an Advantage.

A Lean Six Sigma consultant, wellness management professional, speaker and writer — all-in-one.

Well Being and Well Business (sm).



I conduct assessments, facilitate strategic planning sessions, and lead focused improvement and change projects.
My intention is to enable higher levels of personal and professional performance and bottom-line results. Individuals, employers and communities-of- practice seek me out to aid them to be more productive at work, in life and in their communities.

My holistic approach integrates Well Being-Well Business (sm) practices including:

– Worksite Wellness Program Evaluation
– Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt improvement methodology
– Culture Assessments

My Mission:

Well Beings in Well Businesses.

Two models have significantly influenced me:
The Six Dimensions of Wellness, developed by Dr. Bill Hettler of the National Wellness Institute
The McKinsey 7S Framework, developed by Tom Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr.

My Approach:

My approach is Holistic and I create awareness that ‘systems’ cannot be fully understood or improved by solely focusing on pieces and parts. People, Processes, Technology and Culture all matter and impact Performance.

My Background:

My background is diverse and includes experience as a process engineer, statistician, Six Sigma Black Belt, worksite wellness specialist, group exercise instructor, business effectiveness consultant, facilitator and trainer. I really enjoy public speaking, writing and sharing my latest findings in health, well-being, and performance improvement with businesses, professional groups, educational institutions and associations.